The Church of God, regarded as a mystery, can only be understood by the Holy Spirit, and it is extremely important that we receive revelation of what Jesus’ Church is all about. The Church has already been founded. She came into existence on Earth when the Father took her out of Jesus’ side, on His death, just as how the first woman was taken out of Adam’s side when he was sleeping deeply. As no one can be born again by her or his own efforts, the birth of Jesus’ Church was not the outcome of human effort. She was born in God’s heart, on God’s own initiative. She is born in a nation, in a city or in a neighborhood through the operation of the Spirit of God.

Men and women used by God, partakers of the Church of God, carry in themselves the seed of the Church wherever they go. By contacting people and coming into their houses, one is used by the Lord to lead other people to the kingdom of God, and this is how the Church is born, grows, and increases in all directions. We can say that the Church of God is a living organism formed by people who were born again in Jesus, everywhere and evermore.

The Church – Ebook

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